LuYanshao (1909----1993), a great master of traditional Chinese paintings in modern china . As an artist , he had some other names like WanRuo ,di ,etc. He was born in Nanxiang ,Jiading ,Shanghai . When LuYanshao was 19 years old , he was a pupil of Mr.Feng Chaoran in paingtings with recommendation by Mr.Wang Tongyu .Being a keen traveller ,he visited many famous scenic spots and places all over the country in his early age .Then he led a vagrant life and suffered mental and physical tortures in his middle age .In his last years ,he roused himself and got a great success on art. LuYanshao is a well-known landscape painter with rich traditional training. While he also can bring forth some new ways from it. He created many unique skills like "drawing water" "leaving blank" and "ink block", and developed a school of his own on traditional Chinese painting. Though Mr. Lu passed away several years ago, his paintings and thoughts of art is a unique poetic atmospheres of Chinese landscape paintings. What he left is becoming one kind of the most valuable cultural heritage of China.