LuYanshao Art Academy is located in Jiading---the famous ancient town of Shanghai .It has a coverage of 3241 aquare meters with FaHua Pagoda to its west and "QiouXia Park" nearby .At the gate of Art Academy, you can see the calligraphy of "LuYanshao Art Academy" written by ShaMenghai .The Art Academy is a building in a style of Chinese traditional garden, which is elegant ,decorated with winding corridor, tortuous bridge, blue pool ,and thin bamboo. The main exhibition hall has two floors covered area of 355square meters. There is a painting room of LuYanshao named "WanQing Xuan" where his picture, works and paintings album were displayed. Nowadays, Art Academy collect 75 pieces of Lu's works from 40th to 90th.
    LuYanshao Art Academy not only established a center for collecting research and study Lu's art of painting and calligraphy, but provide avenue where we can celebrate the academic exchange of high level. At the same time, its can open a new window for art and culture exchange in Jiading. We can always believe that the Art Academy will play an important role in flourishing regional culture and improving the culture exchange between domain and overseas.